White Stilton with Blueberries (found at Liuzzi’s Cheese)

I love White Stilton with Blueberries.  From what I’m gathering from reading books and websites on cheese, this might make me gauche.  For example, Liz Thorpe, a star cheesemonger, refers to the type I like as “a gruesome white cheese studded with icky treats such as chocolate chips and dried blueberries” (From her book The Cheese Chronicles: A Journey Through the Making and Selling So Cheese in America, from Field to farm to Table.)  I also recently found a Chowhound thread  where someone from the UK writes that at one store
“….they had a pile of cappucchino flavored white stilton. as i looked at it in horror, a man came up to me and said: you think this is bad, over at morrison’s they had stilton in three layers: cheese flavor white, chocolate flavor brown, and mint flavor green.”
I’m not sure I’d like mint flavor Stilton, but I do like the White Stilton with dried apricots that I’ve gotten at the Elm City Market, and I’m thinking that the white stilton with blueberries that my husband got for me at Liuzzi Cheese for Valentine’s Day might, possibly, maybe, appeal to more refined caseophiles than myself.  (Maybe.  After reading of other people’s horror I feel slightly embarrassed to publicly say that I like it….but to heck with it.  I LOVE LIUZZI CHEESE’S WHITE STILTON WITH BLUEBERRIES. Must…not…succumb to feelings of inferiority re: cheese…)
     Re: the deliciousness of Liuzzi’s White Stilton with Blueberries: there doesn’t seem to be any added sweeteners to the blueberries, so the fruit-taste isn’t at all over-bearing–it’s more like just eating a sharp cheese and a great pairing of blueberries at the same time.  It’s especially great as a dessert cheese.
     I’m also  looking forward to going to Liuzzi Cheese myself, too, now that my husband has discovered it–it’s in North Haven,and is known for having many varieties of great cheese, especially Italian cheeses like Mozzarella, Caccioricotta and Caciocavallo.  One can get a good sense of the store through the video below  from Shore Publishing. 
     I will say it again, as a shout-out to the world and against my own newbie-caseonaut related insecruity: I LOVE LIUZZI CHEESE’S WHITE STILTON WITH BLUEBERRIES (and you might too if you give it a chance.) LOVE IT.  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!