Mediocre cheese omelets vs Good cheese omelets

     Mediocre cheese omelets have pieces of processed cheese place on top of the omelets rather than real cheese inside of the omelets. 

      Mediocre vegetable omelets are watery. 
      Mediocre cheese and vegetable omelets combine these two sins.  
     Good omelets (always with cheese!) are important to me, as I usually have to eat them straight, sans bread or hash browns to mask the taste of mediocrity.  I am, sadly, extremely hypoglycemic, which means it’s hard for my body to process many sugars or alcohols or carbohydrates. They make me sleepy or cranky or both, though sometimes I’ll let myself have a grilled cheese sandwich during the day if I know I can nap it off.  ( I also have to eat protein every three hours, else my blood sugar drop = hence my addiction to good cheese.)   
     So when we were debating places to go for brunch this past Sunday, I got grumpy ahead of time, as all of the places my husband mentioned either had mediocre omelets or no bread-less food at all. Then my husband drove into the Shoreline Diner parking lot in Guilford.  “Hm.  Shoreline Diner,” I said.  “I bet they have mediocre omelets!” 
     But…they do not.  They have good omelets.  At least, they have a good Gorgonzola and Spinach Omelet!  Big enough for two to share, non-watery, nice and sharp-tasting. The cheese is on the inside.  THE INSIDE!  Thank you, Shoreline Diner! I’m going to start a few “pages” at the top of this blog listing good places in Connecticut to get things like great cheese, great omelets, etc. I will add the Shoreline Diner to the latter.   
     I’m mentioning the Shoreline Diner also partly because of vegetarian and vegan friends–the Diner also bills itself as a “Vegetarian Enclave,” and they have a page of vegan entrees  and salads, (scroll down)  as well as a gluten-free menu. 
     Some other CT places where one can get GOOD (not mediocre) cheese omeletts:
     Other suggestions are welcome.  I will begin a page of them at the top of this blog. 

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