Carr Valley Bread Cheese!

Note: I’ve been looking for a good bread cheese that melts in coffee more like the original Juustoleipa than others I’ve found, as one traditional way to eat it is to put it in a cup and pour coffee on top.  This weekend I found Carr Valley Bread Cheese  at the Guilford Food Center.  It melts and absorbs the taste of the coffee just enough to taste wonderful, but still stays firm enough to eat like a regular piece of cheese.  It also melts just enough in the microwave to be scrumptious with jelly.  I’ve read elsewhere on the Internet that some children compare it to pizza, so the next time I’ll get it I’ll be sure to share it with my toddler.  (This last time I hogged it all to myself.) Carr Valley Bread Cheese is expensive but definitely worth a try. 


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