How to wrap cheese/How to turn into a turophobe

For most of my life I’ve stored opened blocks of cheese into small plastic sandwich bags.  I recently found out, though, that this is a way of “killing” cheese.  As The American Cheese Society says, “natural cheese is a living organism, with enzymes and bacteria that need air and moisture to survive.”  (Ack! Phrases like that make me start to understand why some people develop “turophobia,” or fear of cheese!  Perhaps one shouldn’t think about this too much….) Anyway, in an effort to change for the better I’ve bought special cheese bags made by Formaticum  (Lisa McManus of the America’s Test Kitchen- Feed says they work better than any other product) but one of my more-advanced caseonaut friends raised her eyebrow at me when I told her about them and said, “uh…you don’t need those. Use wax paper.”  

     Wax paper?! Brilliant!

     Robin Williams, the cheesemonger at the Elm City Market, seems to agree.  He’s made a worth-watching 53 second video on How to Wrap and Store Cheese.  Williams says to wrap cheese loosely first in wax paper, butcher paper, or aluminum foil.  Then wrap it saran wrap. This “will ensure a nice little world for your cheese to live and breathe in.”
     Good advice! 
    But!  Must…not…think too much about cheese “breathing….” 

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