Casu Marzu: “rotten cheese,” or cheese that’s made with maggots.  The maggots are supposed to be alive when the cheese is eaten.  Internet legend says one has to be careful while eating casu marzu, lest the maggots jump into one’s eyes. Since this is a Connecticut-centered blog I have to add that one probably can’t get Casu Marzu here, unless one has ties to the black market.  Those of us who don’t have black market ties can live vicariously via Gordon Ramsey, however.  Watch a Youtube video of Ramsey eating Casu Marzu. Also, read Anna Ward’s story about eating Casu Marzu at Serious Eats: Cheese Confessionals: I Ate Casu Marzu, aka “Maggot Cheese.”

Bread Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger. By Nick at Dude Foods. Eat and have heat attack. Immediately.
My favorite pesto grilled cheese, sold at a place that I will not name. I love this sandwich, but once, when I ate it, I found that the cook had by accident put the green wire twist-tie from a bread bag into it. (I assumed this was an honest mistake, as the twist-tie was the same color as the vegetation used in the sandwich.) Also, after eating another one of them for lunch yesterday I got stomach pains. I like the sandwich so much that I will probably go back to the same place and eat it again, however. I live on the wild side.
Goat cheese cherry tomatoes. Dangerous because THEY’RE SO GOOD ONE CAN’T STOP EATING THEM. Or at least I can’t. After I got over my pesto-grilled-cheese-induced stomach ache yesterday I went to a Superbowl party. I had to leave super-early, due to my toddler’s bedtime, which and this was good, as if I hadn’t I would have eaten all of the goat cheese cherry tomatoes and the other Superbowl party-goers would not have been happy. I’m hoping the hostess might find out from the guest-who-made-them and let me know for sure, (Anna? Anna?) but I think this might be the recipe.
I also made my first attempt at making a cheese ball yesterday and brought it the party. It was decent, but not dangerously good enough–i.e. one didn’t have to keep going back to eat more of it, as one does when eating a truly dangerously-delicious cheese recipe. I will hold off on sharing cheese ball recipes until I find out how to make a scarily-good one.
     Our Superbowl hostess contacted her friend Lisa, the maker of what I thought were goat-cheese filled cherry tomatoes but which were actually “peppadew peppers stuffed with soft goat cheese, that is it , just 2 ingredients.”
     PEPPADEW PEPPERS! Dear gosh were they ever amazing….


  1. I’ll hook you up with the cherry tomato/goat cheese creator. Elsewhere.
    We nibbled some more of your giant cheese ball with dinner. It’s good schmeared inside celery stalks.

    1. oh, cool! If I make it again I’ll bring celery. The recipe said it’s best the second day….I’d made it the working-mother’s way via putting the nuts inside the mixture instead of rolling the ball itself in it. prob. the traditional way makes it easier to cut and spread….

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