“The bacteria that you find in between the toes is actually very similar to the bacteria that makes cheese smell like toes.”

Are you a true caseonaut??????????????????????????????????????

Megan Gambino of Smithsonian Magazine asks,

 If a cheesemonger were to offer you brie or a pungent stilton, and just as you reach for it, share a juicy detail—that she culled bacteria from her own armpit to make it—what would you do? Would you turn your nose up and politely decline?

….In Selfmade, microbiologist Christina Agapakis and scent artist Sissel Tolaas collected bacteria from the mouths and toes…of willing participants…. They cultivated that bacteria and yeast in petri dishes and eventually combined them with milk to create farmhouse cheddar and whey cream cheese…..

Read more at Smithsonianmag.com: Cheese Made From Bacteria Between Your Toes and Other Bizarre Bio Art. (January 27, 2014.)


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