Connecticut caseonauts: check out R.J. Julia!

Because I’m a Nutmegger, I’ve decided to focus Caseonauts esp. on cheeses and cheese-related delicacies that are made or can be bought in Connecticut.  (For example, the other day I wrote about bread-cheese.  The bread cheeses I’ve sampled so far are by the Juusto brand. [I will have to keep exploring bread-cheese, as I just found out from “The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin blog” that Juusto is not the traditional melt-in-one’s coffee bread-cheese, but is instead a spike-it-with-toothpicks bread-cheese. I next want to try the melting-kind!] Anyway,  Juusto is made in Wisconsin, but I  found at the caseonaut-loving Elm City Market in New Haven, where they have a cheesemonger on staff and often hold classes on cheese….The January class focused on Raw vs. Pasteurized Cheese and was subtitled “The good, the bad, and the stuff you never knew.”)

This weekend I found out that R.J. Julia  in Madison– known for being one of the best independent bookstores in Connecticut–is also a decent place for caseonauts. There’s a small bistro in back of the store where one can order cheese plates, grilled cheeses, and salads topped with good fromage.  I ate the cheddar, fig, and arugula grilled cheese and liked it.  My husband pronounced it “okay,” as he doesn’t like grilled cheese with lots of stuff in it. ( In fact, he only likes grilled cheese made with lots of butter and Pepperidge Farm white bread and Kraft American “Cheese,” the latter two products of which which he usually otherwise can’t stand.  So I don’t think he’s the best judge.) My cheese-loving 2 year old, on the other hand, pronounced the kid’s grilled cheese “good.”  He’s a picky eater, so (for what it’s worth to caseonaut-toddlers and their caseonaut-parents,) that’s high praise.
R.J. Julia: well-worth exploring for book-lovers and cheese-lovers alike!

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