Brits run out of goat cheese!

While Superbowl-party-loving Americans are upset about the Great Velveeta Shortage, the British are up-in-arms about their own Great Goat Cheese Shortage.
Seems that goat-cheese has become the cheese of choice for many British cheese-lovers, as it’s easier to digest than cheese made from cow’s milk.  However, Britain is not the best country for raising goats, and goat-milk production is down all over Europe.  (I wonder whether they might now start importing more American goat cheese?)
Katy Salter of the Guardian speculates that the shortage might be good for British vegetarians, however.  In The great goat cheese shortage of 2014,  (January 20, 2014) she writes:
“As bad as the shortage is for farmers, it might be a nice thing for vegetarians who’ll finally get a bit of variation when they’re eating out or round people’s houses,” says food writer Alice Hart, author of Vegetarian. “Goat’s cheese became a stock vegetarian dish in the 1990s, around the same time that balsamic vinegar and sun-dried tomatoes were huge,” ….Both goat’s cheese tarts and salads are still menu fixtures in restaurants and pubs across Britain. Hart would like to see chefs move away from the cheese and create more inventive vegetarian options: “Thai salads, vegetarian summer rolls – something with a bit of pep to it.” If the goat’s cheese shortage lasts much longer, they may be forced to.

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